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Chair Composition 2

Edition: One of a Kind


Year of design: 2014

The Chair Composition project includes 2 chairs: Chair Composition 1 and Chair Composition 2. Both Chairs are made of bent steel tubes and a plywood seat.

The concept of the project is to combine 2 elements and colors, that together form a functional and constructional seating and create an interesting 3 dimensional graphic composition. This is achieved by strategically assembling the individual elements of the chair in an ergonomic and structural manner.

In 2017, after 3 years of development, “Chair Composition 2” was put into production by Cappellini and is now part of the Cappellini collection as "Chair 2". The new chair, combines not only two shapes and colors but 2 materials as well: The chair is made from a bent wood rod which composes the front legs and upper backrest and a steel bent tube which comprises of the back leg and the lower backrest.

The combination of the two materials and technologies allow to utilize the advantages of each materials special properties in a smart and aesthetic way: the steel legs give the chair its structural properties and the wood gives a warm and comfortable feeling to the body.

Material: Plastic, Plywood, Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), Tubular Steel
Size in cm (approximate sizes): 73.5H X 50.5W X 49.5D
Product type: Limited edition signed by makers (only one set ever made)
Note: The chair that is the subject of this listing is a prototype and therefore colored in polyurethane paint which is less durable than powder coating, and have some color scratches and other small imperfections.


Each chair will be sent in a separate package.

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