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Crumpled Vase

Edition: Limited Edition


Year of design: 2011

Crumpled Vase is an experimental ceramic project which explores the combination of freedom and intention within the ceramic production process.

Each vase is slip cast in a plaster mold. After demolding each vase is sprayed with a vinegar solution which results in the original shape’s deformation.

The final result is family of one of a kind vase each one with its own unique characteristics that shares the common DNA of being created by the same technique combination.

Material: Slip cast ceramics with clear glaze in the inner part of the vase.
Size in cm (approximate sizes): H13 X D11.5
Product type: Limited edition. Only about 9 vases were ever made. Signed on the bottom.
Note: This product is an experimental product, and as such has many imperfections such as visible cracks and parting lines. Please refer to images.


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