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Matza Plate

Edition: Unlimited Production

$95.00 / Sold Out

Year of design: 2012

Matza is the substitute of bread during the Jewish holiday of Passover and one of the holidays most iconic symbols.

The Bakery Studio "Matza Plate" is a ceramic plate which replicates the Matza texture. The combination of the familiar Matza texture and the ceramic material results in a new visual and tactile experience.

"Matza Plate" can be used to serve Matza or any other Passover treat and is the perfect contemporary Passover gift.

"Matza Plate" is made of slip casted ceramics which is finished with a clear glaze and has a gold decal with the Bakery Studio logo on the bottom. Each Matza plate is handmade in our studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Material: Ceramics, clear glaze and gold decal
Size (approximate sizes): 25cm X 25cm
Special care instructions: Product is not dishwasher safe

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Please contact us with any further questions at info@bakery-design.com!