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Nature of Material Stool #10/50

Edition: Limited Edition


Year of design: 2010

Nature of material is a series of stackable furniture. Each object is folded from a spread of laser cut aluminum sheet, which then bends to the final form using a bending mold.

The concept of the project is to combine straight origami like folds with natural folds. This is achieved by folding the legs of the objects in planned and exact folds which creates side effects of stretching and bending in the material. In other words, by folding the legs of the objects the surface above reacts naturally to the folding act.

This integration between the strict and natural folds creates a steady construction from one hand and a soft, organic, upholstery like shape from the other.

Nature of Material was presented during Milan design week 2010. In 2012 the project was put into production by Cappellini and is now part of the Cappellini collection as the NOM (Nature of Material) series. In 2014 NOM received the Red Dot "Best of the Best" award in the furniture category.

In 2015 Design Museum Holon presented an exhibition named “3D Flat”, which was dedicated to the development process of NOM. The museum has around 30 models and prototypes from NOM development process in its collection.

The Nature of Material limited edition series include 10 chairs, 20 tables and 50 stools all signed and numbered by the designers and finished with a natural and colored anodize finish.

Nature of Material Stool was designed, manufactured and produced by Studio Gilli Kuchik and Ran Amitai in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Material: Black anodized aluminum and 3d printed feet
Size: 44H X 35W X 35D
Edition: Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered stools
Condition: Item is made of laser cut aluminum sheet which is then folded in a folding mold. Because of the manufacturing process the stool has some scratches, mostly in the folding areas.


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