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Shares Necklace, 14 Karat Gold

Edition: Unlimited Production

$280.00 / Sold Out

Year of design: 2012

Shares is a necklace you can share with your loved one. The necklace looks beautiful as a whole and as a half allowing you to enjoy it before and after you find your other half.

In order to share your necklace simply break it in half and use the attached heart shaped sand-paper to easily sand of the break bumps. It is easy and fun!

Shares is beautifully packaged and makes the perfect gift for your partner, friend or family.

Shares is designed, manufactured and produced by Bakery Design Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Material: 14 karat solid gold
Size (approximate sizes):
Pendant // 1.8cm X 1.5cm
Necklace // Length is 41cm + extension chain of 7cm so length can be adjusted


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