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Vase Shelves Prototype

Edition: One of a Kind


Year of design: 2013

The Vase Shelves project is a modular shelving system that is constructed of beech wood planes and vase shaped lathed wood elements that serve as connectors between one plane to another and give the object its unique look and constructional qualities.

The vase shaped elements replace all of the constructional components that usually make up an archetypical shelf, because due its typical form it can naturally perform the functions of the vertical and diagonal supports. In addition, on a more emotional level, the vase shape makes sense as a shape on a shelf, because we are used to seeing vases on shelves in homes all over the world.

The user can play and determine the amount of shelve/sculpture he would like the object to have by adding or removing vases (each shelf can have as little as 4 vases and as many as fit in the shelf) and so customize and determine the objects final composition.

Vase Shelves was put in production by the Italian furniture company Covo, and is part of Covo collection since 2014.

The Vase Shelves prototype is a one of a kind singed prototype made by the designers in Tel Aviv, Israel

Material: Beech, Polyurethane paint, Metal inserts and screws
Size (in cm): 142H X 35D X 140W
Product type: One of a kind signed prototype
Defects: The vases elements have some crackles in the paint.
Comments: Product is delivered disassembled and needs to be assembled by the client by easily screwing each vase element with 2 screws (allen screw driver is provided with product).


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